DA 31 Form Fillable 2021

DA 31 Form Fillable 2021 – Working in the military means you are required to give complete dedication to its various missions. Whether you are a fresh recruit or already have the status of senior general, you must have a packed schedule and stacked responsibilities. Thankfully, military members are granted with 30-day vacation reward, even though sometimes they cannot take it whenever they want to.

To get the vacation or to apply for emergency leave, a military member needs to submit paperwork in order to get leave approval. The paperwork that’s required to be handed is DA 31 Form, or more formally known as Request and Authority for Leave. If you haven’t been familiar with this document, learn more about it below.

DA 31 Fillable

What is the DA 31 Form?

The DA in DA 31 term stands for the Department of the Army. As explained in prior, the official name of this document is Request and Authority for Leave – and as the name implies, it is used when the military member wants to request approval to leave. The word “Leave” here can mean either vacation or emergency leave.

The military soldier then will get approval or refusal upon their leave based on information provided within the DA 31 document, that’s why it is important to fill the form out as best as possible, or else it will result in a denied request of authorization to leave.

How to Fill Out DA 31 Forms

As the document of DA 31 is pretty much self-explanatory, it’s actually really easy to fill it out. The key to complete this form is by providing the relevant information of your leave as clear and accurate as possible. You cannot neglect any part because then the commander may reject the request.

There is a total of four parts in DA 31. Here is a detailed guide on how to fill out and submit this particular form.

PART I – DA 31 Form Fillable 2021

To fill the very first part of this document, input your control number and then your full name in the order of last name, first name, and middle name. Then input your Social Security Number (SSN), your military rank in the US Army, and the current date on which you fill the form out.

The next section in the form is the address of your destination, such as your vacation place. Then you will see four options in the column of leave types: Ordinary, Emergency, Permissive Temporary Duty (Permissive TDY), and other(s). Choose ordinary leave if you are intending to take a vacation; choose Permissive TDY if you are going to take granted leave due to transitioning from military soldier to civil citizen. Taking Permissive TDY means that you’re expected to perform jobs and responsibilities as former personnel of US military members. Then input your station and your phone number.

DA 31 Fillable PART I
DA 31 Fillable PART IV

PART II – DA 31 Form Fillable 2021

In the second part of the DA 31 form, write down the collected number of your leave days and the requested number of your leave days. Military members are granted 30 days of vacation leave annually (including public holidays and weekends). Thus, it means you are given 2.5 leave days each month. You may collect the vacation days by working every day for a month and not taking even a single duty day off.

Next, input the dates when you’re going to take the leave. Put your signature as the requestor so certify the document and all the information within to be correct, to get approval. Another needed signature is the commander’s sign. The space for the commander’s signature is located next to the approval box that has to be ticked.

You need three other signatures in the next column that are taken on different dates for each. The first signature is put on the day of your departure for vacation. The second signature is put in case you need to extend the leaving period, which means you have to pay a visit to the nearest military office and grant approval. The third and last signature is put when you return to your station. Each one of the signatures must be accompanied by a corresponding date and time.

DA 31 Fillable PART II
DA 31 Fillable PART II

PART III – DA 31 Form Fillable 2021

You have come to the third part of DA 31. In this section, you need to mention any names that are going to accompany you during the vacation or emergency leave. Their name must be written in the same format as your name in Part 1 (started from last name, first name, and middle name). Then you have to state your relationship with the accompanying person, their identity number, and their birth date if they are younger than 18 years old.

DA 31 Fillable PART III
DA 31 Fillable PART III

PART IV – DA 31 Form Fillable 2021

In the fourth and last part of the DA 31 form, you need to write about your designated headquarter and the location of it, along with the issue date of your leave authorization, the number of your travel order, and then the signature from the official who authorized your leave.

You must immediately inform the commander if you make a last-minute change of your destination location or destination date. You are also required to notify the commander if you are going to another destination during your leave days. In case you are unfortunately got injured or accidents during the leave, you can visit nearby military health care and medical facility in order to get it treated.

DA 31 Fillable PART IV
DA 31 Fillable PART IV

How to Submit DA 31 Forms

If the day of your vacation leave is already approaching, you need to perform a report to the duty station in 24 hours period on the last day of your duty and submit the form. Failure in providing this particular document will affect your approval even may get your request to be rejected. Take your time to complete the document correctly and hand it out accordingly.

Online DA 31 Form

It is possible to download the DA 31 form on the internet and fill it online. You just have to use a trustworthy source, then edit the template by inputting your information by following the guide above. Don’t forget to do a double-check over all the provided data and then simply save the document, and print it out to submit the form to your commander and enjoy your vacation leave.

DA 31 Form Fillable 2021

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